Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s main campus is located at 282 Washington Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Connecticut Children’s Co-Management Program

Through our CLASP (Connecticut Children’s Leaders in Advanced Solutions in Pediatrics) program, Connecticut Children’s medical experts help pediatric primary care providers expand the care they deliver to patients.

CLASP is the next step in the evolution of referral guidelines, incorporating an evidence-based, algorithmic approach to outline when, how, and under what circumstances community providers refer patients to pediatric specialists.  Each of the CLASP tools consists of the following components:

  • Background information on a given condition
  • Description of the components of initial evaluation and management, including recommended screening or diagnostic studies
  • Clinical criteria for a routine, semi-urgent or urgent referral, including a description of the circumstances in which an initial referral may be safely deferred
  • A list of information and/or results to be sent with each referral
  • A description of what the patient and family can expect with a subspecialist visit
  • Algorithms, links to additional community or online resources, PCP clinical support tools, and patient & family-centered educational materials, as needed


Easy-to-use CLASP tools expand the capabilities of community providers to provide appropriate levels of treatment for common pediatric conditions, bringing competent care closer to where patients and families live. When it comes to headaches, obesity, hypertension, or any number of other common conditions, CLASP equips providers with extra knowledge to treat their patients quickly and effectively. By allowing primary care physicians to confidently manage high volume, low-acuity conditions typically referred directly to subspecialists, the tools also free up subspecialists’ schedules for patients who most need a higher level of care.

What Others Are Saying

“Because they provide expert opinions from the doctors at Children’s who are fellowship trained, we can provide a higher level of care without sending patients and families to the hospital . . . The plans make patients happy and make me feel more satisfied professionally.” – Jennifer Schwab, MD, Rocky Hill Pediatrics

How to Access CLASP Tools

A password is required to access our CLASP tools. The purpose for this, beyond allowing us to know who is adopting the tools,  is to allow us to share new or updated tools containing the latest research or best practices.

Additional Information

  • MOC QI credits and CME options are also available for PCP CLASP adoption. For more information, email our MOC team or call 860.837.6254.
  • Become a part of our CLASP team! We need your valuable feedback on existing and new tool development.  If interested, please email Michele Krivickas.


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